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Ethereum NFT Collection
by Karen Jerzyk

Hundreds of Hand-Made Assets
7734 Unique Tokens

A Mixed Media Collection exploring
the physical aspect of NFT creation

Every Average Creature is the result of a unique combination of many different layers that are subsequently composited together to form a unique piece. Mixing several art techniques, this project explores traditional art forms that have yet to be used together in any other current PFP project. From set-design to sculpting, fashion and painting, each Average Creature has a personality that shines through.

About the Artist

Karen Jerzyk

Hi! I’m Karen.

Im so glad you’re here!
I'm a professional photographer and mixed-media artist.
I was a kid in the 80s and was (and still am) enamored with the movies and TV shows of my childhood.

There wasn’t much CGI back then, and I always marveled at the worlds and colors of the pop culture of my youth.

It’s important to me to bring this nostalgia to my work by crafting my sets, characters, and sometimes traveling the world finding the perfect locations.

I hope Average Creatures brings joy and nostalgia to others!

I was lucky enough to enter the NFT space in January 2021, selling mostly unique photographs as 1/1 pieces.

This has allowed me to explore many new avenues with my work and meet new friends in a giant community.

I am grateful everyday to be in this space, and the connections I have made!

My work has been featured in some interesting places- Here are just a few!:

7734 Tokens / 0.07 ETH

Terms & Conditions

Holders of an Average Creature have Commercial rights for the tokens they hold as long as there are no collaboration traits. Excluded Traits: Toy Boogers, Renone Labs, Ashira's Art, Foodmasku.

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