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Welcome to Average Creatures!

Average Creatures is the first all-handmade sculpture/photography NFT PFP hybrid collection on the block(chain).

A product of the critically acclaimed photographer, set designer, and storyteller Karen Jerzyk, they consist of 7734 unique generative NFTs with components that are handmade and photographed in the real world.

If you want to learn more about the project and get an in-depth look, be sure to check and download our whitepaper.

That’s right, each piece you see was made by hand and photographed separately.

Though they live average lives, the creatures are nothing short of extraordinary. Combining several real-world art techniques, this collection stands out as a bridge between the physical and digital world.

The Process

Inspired by ‘80s art, media, and entertainment in all of its practical-effects glory, Average Creatures pays homage to that now oh-so-distant time in history: our childhood.

Mixing several art techniques to create a visual style that defies convention, this project explores traditional art forms that have yet to be used together in any other PFP project.

From set design to sculpting, costuming to painting, each Average Creature has a vivid personality that truly redefines how we think of the word “average.”

Besides being a breath of fresh air in a crowded click-to-create space, Average Creatures aims to foster a creative, tightly-knit community by bridging the traditional and NFT art worlds.

Additionally, we are creatures with a cause: we have a plan in place to make charitable donations to causes that are dear to the team’s hearts when pre-defined project milestones are hit.


The Average Creatures project has roots that date back to Karen’s childhood, where she was inspired by the imagination and practical effects of ‘80s cinema.

When the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns began, Karen was faced with a new challenge in her photography career: shooting her own unique brand of cinematic photography, while also maintaining the emerging social distancing guidelines. This is when Karen returned to her roots and started molding clay creatures and handmade masks as centerpieces and subjects within her work.

Fast forward to October 2021: drawn to the idea of a completely handmade PFP project, Karen, Raul, and Roberto held a meeting of minds late into the night at their local Applebee’s, and there the first steps of the Average Creatures project began. Since then, the team has been molding, painting, photographing, filming, and generating a diverse collection of truly Average Creatures in preparation for launch very soon. Our pre-sale will be held on March 22nd, while the public sale on March 23rd.

About The Team

While Karen is at the heart of the project, Average Creatures is a team effort, and without every members, none of this would be possible. The team collaborates in all aspects of the project with the support of other amazingly talented creatures.

Here are the founders, the brains and hearts behind the project:

Karen Jerzyk
Creature Queen
Artist and Creator. A mixed Media Artist, Photographer, Set Designer and NFT Collector.
Raul Serpas
Creature Manager
Raul has a background in Creative Direction, Filmmaking, Strategy and Marketing.
Roberto Burgos
Creature Scientist
Roberto has a background in Design, Production, Filmmaking, and Development.
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